DESOLATIUM might be a cult hit!

Yay, it’s spooky season; my absolute favorite time of the year! I love horror and can’t wait to get scared out of my pants by all of the frightening events, movies, and games happening in the next few weeks! Did that sound sincere? If the answer is a colossal no, you have come to know me far too well. I would rather use sulphuric acid eye drops than play horror games at the best of times, so you can imagine how ecstatic I get in the run-up to Halloween. This being said it’s not horror I have an issue with as such, it’s jump scares. This being said, one of my favorite authors is H.P. Lovecraft and I get all excited when a new game comes out that’s taking on the Cosmic Horror vibe. The title today is DESOLATIUM and it looks like it’s right up my alley.

SOEDESCO is rather pleased to note the release of DESOLATIUM, which appeared on your PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Series S/X, and Switch contraptions today. They are so pleased, in fact, that they’ve released a lovely launch trailer that you can all go and have a peep at before diving in. I’ll obviously leave that below so you can have a look without wandering too far in the process. Incidentally, this title is available in both digital and physical editions, (that’ll please the collectors amongst you,) and is coming it at $29.99/€29.99 or about £24.99 for us British folk.

DESOLATIUM is a first-person graphic adventure that will see you investigating the strange disappearance of a friend. On your journey, you’ll take the roles of four different characters, each with their own unique mechanics and characteristics in a story spanning 14 chapters with multiple scenarios for you to explore.

The realm in DESOLATIUM is a Lovecraftian one. This is a place of Cosmic Horror that will see players encountering otherwordly beings, mysterious cults, and ritualistic murders. Having joined this new adventure, you will find yourself tangled in a twisted tapestry that will test your sanity and compel you to question the very meaning of existence.

As DESOLATIUM‘s story unfolds players will shape the course of events on account of the choices they make. Your decisions will lead you to one of a series of possible endings. If you’re lucky you might just prevent a lot more death and save the world in the process. If you aren’t … well that doesn’t really bear thinking about now does it?

If experiencing a brand new tale of Cosmic Horror is just your idea of a really good time, then DESOLATIUM may well be what the doctor ordered. This fully playable graphic novel with a Lovecraftian twist is available right now on your favorite gaming console. So, there really isn’t a lot of reason to wait now is there? Well, go on then, off you go!