Deus Ex 3 concept art puts a face on your rampant speculation

Gamereactor has posted the first sneak peek at Deus Ex 3, currently in development at the new Eidos Montreal studios. Sadly, it just some concept artwork and not any actual screens from the game, which isn’t slated to release until 2010, but it still paints a (pretty) picture of how the latest addition to the series is shaping up.

The game takes place in the year 2027. You play as Adam Jensen, a security guard at a bio-tech company called Sarif. One day the offices are stormed by bad guys and everyone is killed…everyone except for Adam Jensen. As the sole survivor, you get to go all Bladerunner-esque Charles Bronson, making it your personal vendetta to find out why your white-collared colleagues were murdered.

Here’s hoping Deus Ex 3 turns out to be the game Deus Ex 2 should have been.