Deus Ex: Human Revolution sells 2+ million

While not at the level of some of the other AAA releases of the year, Eidos Montreal’s reboot of its Deus Ex franchise has still racked up a couple million in sales.

According to publisher Square Enix’s recent financial report (via), Human Revolution has sold 2.18 million copies worldwide. That’s between its August 23rd (US) / 26th (EU) releases and September 30th though, so a few more copies have been sold by now, no doubt.

With 1.38 million sold, the sci-fi RPG has proven to be more of a success in Europe than in North America where it’s sold 800,000 copies.

Enough for a sequel? Fingers crossed.

The figures of another Square-published RPG were also revealed; Obsidian’s Dungeon Siege III has sold 820,000 units (20,000 in Japan, 320,000 in North America, 480,000 in Europe).