Developer scores will not be returning to Metacritic

Hey, remember when Metarcritic had that system to give game developers ratings? Yeah, that lasted about as long as most of my relationships. After facing sharp criticism, Metacritic pulled scores for individual game developers shortly after unveiling them on their site. Now, Metacritic has officially announced in an interview with that it would not be bringing back the scores at all.

“We have no plans to bring it back,” co-founder and games editor at Metacritic, Marc Doyle stated bluntly.

He explained the reasoning behind the change: not every game by every developer was counted. This was due largely in part to incomplete record-keeping of who worked on what in the games industry. “I think that is an issue, of the industry not needing or not wanting to put that information out there,” said Doyle. “If they’ve worked on 30 games and we can only show four and then we take on this score, which is really just an average of those games in our database for them, then that’s not fair.”

I guess if you want to see a grudge match between Cliff Bleszinski and Hideo Kojima, you’ll just have to continue reading your eerily specific fan fiction.