DICE ditching old, cooking up new gamemode for BF3’s Close Quarters DLC

Battlefield 3‘s much-loved Rush gamemode is getting the boot in this summer’s Close Quarters DLC, DICE has revealed. Not only that, the standard Conquest is gone as well.

The new maps will however introduce a new Conquest Domination mode.

Lead designer Niklas Fegraeus explains, saying the studio “had to tackle the challenges of bringing our tried and tested game modes to the smaller scale.”

“We understood quickly that Rush, being a large and progressive mode that takes you on a journey from M-COM to M-COM, simply wouldn’t fit physically. So instead, we turned our attention to Conquest. How could we tailor this essential Battlefield game mode to fit our new type of environment?

“In particular, flag defense is suddenly more important, and you get different tactical layers due to the subtle differences the new mode provides. It’s reminiscent of those tactics I practiced to perfection in my e-sports days. Listen for the footsteps, spray the wall, throw your grenade, cover one angle each and constantly communicate.”

The DLC will be out in June. No dates yet, though a look at the first map from the lot, Ziba Tower, did get its first trailer and set of screenshots last week.