DICE giving Dead Space 3 a helping hand?

Battlefield 3 uses it. Need for Speed: The Run uses it. Medal of Honor: Warfighter uses it. And we may soon add another one to the bunch; the next Dead Space game could maybe, just maybe be developed on DICE’s powerful Frostbite 2 engine.

“Flying off to Canada & the US to visit a whole bunch of Frostbite-powered EA studios before GDC,” DICE rendering architect Johan Andersson tweeted today. “First stop: Montreal.”

The interesting bit here is that a branch of Dead Space developer Visceral Games is located in Montreal, an outfit that has been said to work on projects spanning several studios. Dead Space 3, anyone? Fingers crossed.

Another possibility is Dragon Age, as BioWare also has a presence in Montreal. So Andersson’s travels could just as well be a further suggestion that the rumored multiplayer component of Dragon Age III will indeed be making use of the Swedish tech.

Whatever the case, EA certainly doesn’t seem to shy from spreading the tech amongst its studios.