DICE: Medal of Honor “absolutely not” a BFBC2 clone

Even though DICE is responsible for both Battlefield: Bad Company 2 as well as the upcoming Medal of Honor‘s multiplayer component, the latter will “absolutely not” be a clone of the former, producer Gordon Van Dyke assures.

“No. Absolutely not … people shouldn’t expect a clone of Bad Company 2 for Medal of Honor‘s multiplayer,” he said in a recent post-mortem.

Still, that’s two modern multiplayer first-person shooters from the same developer roughly six months apart? Van Dyke explains: “It’s just like if you went and saw one action movie and then another one came out that year, you’re not gonna say, ‘Oh, I’m not going to go see that one.’ If it was the same director, maybe you’d want to go see that other one even more.”

“…Medal of Honor‘s a cool franchise, it gives us the ability to express ourselves through multiplayer in a bit of a different way.”

EA Los Angeles’ studio head Sean Decker has previously said that there’s “enough separation” between the two shooters’ single-player campaigns as well, “both in time and in tone”.