DICE promises to step up DLC on Battlfield 3 after BFBC2’s mistakes

It’s been six years since Battlefield 2 stormed PCs worldwide and the gaming scene is a very different place from what it was then. DLC is now a big part of almost every game, and you can sure as hell bet it’ll play a role in Battlefield 3. DICE executive producer Patrick Bach has even promised that the sequel will improve on mistakes the developers made with last year’s Battlefield: Bad Company 2 in terms of DLC.

Speaking to Game Informer (via CVG), he stated: “To be honest, Bad Company 2 was a bigger success than we anticipated. We did not account for that. We sold a lot of copies and don’t feel bad about where we were, but looking back, we should have released more, bigger content after.

“We were more successful with our approach then anticipated,” he added. “We didn’t think most people would hit level 22 to be honest, and especially so fast. Our calculations on how much people would play to hit level 20, 25, 50 were completely wrong. We thought people wouldn’t play that much.”

Bach concluded: “We’ve learnt our lesson now, and have a lot of really interesting plans for how to keep the attention of the players. We can do better in that area.”