Dinosaur Fossil Hunter unearthed in 2020


Even those of us who aren’t big on science can agree on certain things being cool. One of these is dinosaurs and to a degree Paleontology itself. The folk over at Pyramid Games have an interest in giant lizards too and are, therefore, the ones bringing us Dinosaur Fossil Hunter in the early half of this coming year.



In Dinosaur Fossil Hunter you’ll be taking on the role of a young man as he attempts to fulfill his dream of traveling the world and finding fossils that pre-date man.

In your quest, you will travel through the USA by car. As you go you’ll cover vast areas of Montana, Wyoming, and Utah while battling the elements and hazardous terrain in search of fossilized remains. Your prizes will be well hidden in rocks and bodies of water and you’ll need to use your tools of the trade, including a chainsaw, shovel, and dynamite to uncover them.

Your georadar will be one of your most useful assets as this will help you pinpoint hidden fossils. With this tool, you’ll be able to discover many extinct species as you slowly piece together information on Earth’s distant past. This is also going to be painstaking work. The bones you uncover are fragile and you’ll need to take care not to break anything. Only when they have been collected and properly cleaned will you be able to assemble them for your dinosaur museum.

In Dinosaur Fossil Hunter, your museum isn’t just a gallery that sits in the background, it’s an important part of the game. You’ll need to grow and customize this as you go, it’s not just your work in paleontology that matters. You’ll want your dioramas to look the part so choosing the right elements to complement your finds will be important.

If history is your thing or you just happen to like big stompy lizards Dinosaur Fossil Hunter might be a good call for your Steam wishlist. Being the helpful soul I am, I’ve left you a link here. We’ll no doubt hear more about this title’s release in the coming weeks but for now, we’ve got some interesting stuff to be going on with.