Dirt 3 to include VIP pass for online functionality

One way to stop second-hand videogame sales from occurring would be buying a new retail copy, play it and burn it once you’re done. While that might be considered to be the more ecologically unorthodox way of dealing with such a problem, another way would be to include a VIP pass or redeemable code to make the impossible to play, possible.

Many developers and publishers are following in the steps of EA by including said code in retail copies for free which gamers will have to redeem in order to be able to play online. The latest title to include one is Codemasters’ upcoming rally fest, Dirt 3.

If you’re still considering buying the game second-hand, be aware of the fact that the VIP pass code will cost either 800 MS Points if you’re on Xbox Live, or $10 (USD) if you’re on PlayStation 3. Considering the quirky online modes, including the trick-based Gymkhana mode, you might want to get onboard with getting that online pass, not to mention the over-the-top RC Car Bundle.

Dirt 3 rallies into stores May 24th on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.