Door Kickers: Action Squad limited edition physical copies available for pre-order


There are an abundance of upsides to the digital storefronts that are becoming more and more prevalent in gaming. The convenience of purchasing the hottest new release from your couch is something that would have blown gamers minds 20 years ago. Some things just can’t be replaced though; like the crisp snap of opening a brand new game case, reading the manual cover to cover, or even just inserting the brand new disk/cartridge into the console. In a partnership with Strictly Limited Games, the award winning Door Kickers: Action Squad is releasing limited physical copies for the Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch; available for pre-order on September 29th.

Door Kickers Package

The original Door Kickers was a tactical top-down strategy game based on plausible SWAT firefights. Door Kickers: Action Squad, however, reels back the tactics and ramps up the arcade fun as a pixelated 2D side scroller. In Action Squad, players are given 6 different characters with varying gameplay types and over 40 pieces of gear to outfit them with in order to kick down doors and rescue the hostages of Nowhere City. Door Kickers: Action Squad boasts online and couch co-op, over 80 non-linear steps to kick doors, and over 20 different enemy types to meet upon kicking of said door.

Strictly Limited Games is releasing 1,500 physical copies for the PS4 and 2,500 copies for the Nintendo Switch, priced at 24.99€(approx. $27.33USD) and 29.99€(approx. $32.80USD), respectively. In addition to those, Strictly Limited is also manufacturing a collector’s edition featuring a hardcover case, hardcover art book, the soundtrack CD, as well as a sticker and poster. There will be 700 collector’s editions on PS4 and 1,500 on Nintendo Switch, priced at 44.99€(approx. $49.21USD) and 49.99€(approx. $54.68USD), respectively.

These limited physical copies can be pre-ordered at the Strictly Limited Games official store on September 29th. If the concept of Door Kickers: Action Squad has piqued your interest, but you are fine with a digital copy, the game will be available on PSN, Xbox Live, and the Nintendo eShop later in October. If Door Kickers is really calling your name and you have to have it now, Action Squad is available on Steam