Dragon Age BioWare’s most successful title

Dragon Age: Origins has been kind of a big deal for BioWare and parent EA. So much so in fact that it’s surpassed the studio’s other recent RPG franchise, Mass Effect, BioWare principal designer Rob Bartel has said, and all other games they’ve created for that matter.

Dragon Age was an extremely successful title for us,” Bartel tells MCV, “last November it was the single most globally successful title we’ve put out to date.”

Going by numbers released in February, the 360/PS3/PC game has sold over 3.2 million copies worldwide.

Dragon Age is a very big part of what we do and for what the future for BioWare will hold for sure.”

The sequel to the dark fantasy RPG was announced just earlier today, for a ‘March 2011’ release. The official press release also made mention of Origins‘ launch last year being “one of the most successful new IP launches in the 28 year history of EA”.