Dragon Age II Signature Edition bundles Exiled Prince DLC

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When Dragon Age II arrives this March, it’ll be available in a Signature Edition, in addition to the standard flavor. If you pre-order the title by January 11, you’ll score the Signature Edition at no additional cost. Now, BioWare tells us why you really want to go pre-order in the next four days.

Bundled with the Signature Edition will be The Exiled Prince downloadable content mission pack. The content focuses on Sebastian Vael, a ranged weapon master prince bent on exacting revenge upon the murderers of his family. Players will meet up with Vael and help him on his endeavors, and can even ultimately recruit him to their party.

If you don’t pre-order Dragon Age II by January 11, you can still play The Exiled Prince content, but it’s going to cost you. The DLC will be available for 560 MS points, or $7 across all platforms.

Dragon Age II arrives in North America on March 8 and March 11 in Europe.