Dragon Age III could incorporate multiplayer

Fighting your way through the darkspawn-laden lands of Dragon Age is a team effort, even if said team is composed of computer-controlled simpletons who court death at every turn. Developer BioWare has created a deep customization system for Dragon Age‘s companion characters, but even so you’ll still have to step in and take control once in a while to keep them from doing something stupid, like trying to fire a bow a foot away from an angry troll. I can’t promise your companions will get any smarter in Dragon Age III, but according to Dragon Age II‘s lead designer Mike Laidlaw they might get more human.

“[Multiplayer] absolutely would [work],” Laidlaw told Eurogamer. “A big part of that is going back to fundamentals of the Dragon Age series and that sense of team; that we are stronger together than we are divided, which is in many ways a story theme through DA2…It’s certainly laying an interesting groundwork.

“Long-term that’s something we have to consider,” he continued, “because obviously multiplayer is something that’s a huge undertaking, it presents technical difficulty. And frankly it’s something that if done, has to be done really well, otherwise it feels very tacked on. So we’ll have to make any decision about that within that context.”