DRAW CHILLY claws its way from the underworld


Devs have to be really careful about using comedy in games. There are so many cases out there where a game is supposed to be funny but the devs seem to have forgotten what audience they’re aiming at. Low-brow toilet humour might be funny for the kids (and me), but may not appeal to a lot of adult players. Vice-versa, a game full of witticisms and cleverly worded in-jokes is great for an adult audience but will go totally over some kids’ heads. The title I’m talking about today may just be striking that ever so elusive chord that will chime with both camps. It’s called DRAW CHILLY and it’s just appeared on our Switch and PC screens.

DRAW CHILLY is a spin off of the Grim Reaper simulator, PEACE DEATH, a popular title from the folk over at AZAMATIKA. Instead of playing as Death, this time around you’ll be taking the role of Vladimir and his rather unfortunate band of engineers. Your purpose? To raise an entire city from the pits of hell. Sound interesting? Yeah, my thoughts exactly.

In your fairly monumental task you’ll face evil monkeys and Grim Reaper pet cats, among many other-worldly foes. Your ultimate goal is to deliver bosses who have wound up in purgatory by mistake into the hands of the reapers so they can be put in hell where they belong.

Does all this sound confusing? Well, Vladimir doesn’t have any real idea what’s going on either so you’re not on your own. On the up-side you have some help among the chaos from the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse who will grant you some pretty nifty abilities.

We haven’t actually mentioned yet what genre DRAW CHILLY falls into. It’s a brawler. You and your band of engineers will become stronger by upgrading your city. How do you do this? You collect chickens (obviously) and convert them into energy through non-violent means.

All good brawlers need spectacular moves and DRAW CHILLY has a good sized list of its own. These include the ability to summon a giant pink worm to slow down your enemies before clobbering them with a massive wrench. This is just one of several combinations that will be at your disposal.

If this sort of mayhem is what gets your blood pumping, DRAW CHILLY is available now for both Switch and Steam, for us PC owning souls. If a bit of comedy violence is what you’re looking for, this might just be the game for you.