Drill Man Rumble bores out a release date

We love a good brawler. There’s something quite special about inviting a bunch of your mates to your house for a wholesome evening of absolute carnage. What better way to spend some quality time together than beating the snot out of each other, right? Right! Well if you’re looking for a brand new way to allow a bit of gratuitous violence into your gaming session I might have just the title for you. I’m also endorsing playing with power tools, only virtually though, leave the toolbox alone kids. The game is Drill Man Rumble and it looks like just the brand of absolute anarchy that’s asking for a team get-together, more on that, though, in the future.

Before I go any further I’m going to drop a bit of a shameless plug in here. Drill Man Rumble is a one-hit-one-kill game. This is awesome and hugely reminiscent of Guntastic, another instakill offering that we all got together and murdered each other with a year or so ago. Find out how we got on here. That one became an office favorite quite quickly … which says a lot for the team, really. Right, on with the announcement.

Set for release in November and coming from the folk at Neon Doctrine and developer Hunter Studio, Drill Man Rumble invites you to step into the shoes of a Drill Warrior. You’ve been nominated by your clan to take part in the Great Tournament and bring honor and glory back to your tribe. To do this you’ll need to choose from one of eleven drillers and battle it out across a variety of single and multiplayer game modes. You’ll need to master your Driller‘s unique ability if you’re going to succeed and above all else, avoid getting hit. One hit takes you down so skill is needed and there’s a lot at stake.

Those of you looking to get the one up on your friends will find a lot to love here, whether it be in an online or offline setting. You’ll have hours of fun hunting down your fellow Drillers for sport or riches, (or both,) in the endless, eight-player Bounty Mode. If you’re looking for something a little different maybe the four-player Arena Mode would be a better place to hone those skills. On the other hand, you might just want to do a bit of DIY; that’s Drill it Yourself for those of you that aren’t in the know. If this is the case you can take part in the single-player Drill Mountain story campaign. Whether online or off, in a group or alone, Drill Man Rumble is offering you a bunch of ways to get your drill on.

Drill Man Rumble is one of Neon Doctrine’s most ambitious products to date, so we needed as much time in the toolshed to make a big splash with today’s reveal as possible,” said Neon Doctrine CEO Iain Garner. “We’re so thrilled to show it off to the world and can’t wait to see what sort of fun players get up to when it comes to PC and consoles later this year.”

So there you have it, if you want to get drilling you’ve only got a few months to wait. If you’re wanting to wishlist this game early, you can do that over on Steam, here. We love a good rumble at the TVGB office so you can almost definitely expect to hear more about this chaotic drill-em-up in the relatively near future. Until then, this is absolutely one to keep an eye on for fans of a good battler.