Driver online play now free to all

The multiplayer component in Ubisoft’s Driver: San Francisco is no longer accessible with the Uplay Passport only. The publisher initially intended to give access to online gameplay to users who bought the racer as new only, but due to a printing whoopsie that left users unable to redeem the included codes, it is now available free of charge to all players.

“To solve this problem, Ubisoft has made the Uplay Passport offer free for all purchasers of Driver: San Francisco,” reads a post on Xbox support forums (via).

Ubisoft’s own Uplay site informs that players can gain access to all multiplayer features by choosing either the 2-day free trial, which won’t expire, or the Purchase Uplay Passport option, which is now free.

Expect to see the Uplay Passport system in the company’s future titles though. Driver was merely the first among “many of Ubisoft’s popular core games” to make use of the approach.