Dwerve is going on an adventure

What happens when slightly sadistic devs start experimenting with ways to make already masochistic gamers, (yes that’s me too,) lives harder? We get Soulslikes and Roguelikes for starters. We also start seeing genres cross-pollinating with each other and creating newer far scarier things. In the case of the game we’ll be talking about today The Tower Defense and  RPG genres have been under the microscope, and the result of this particular concoction is Dwerve. Please note that I’m not saying any of this is a bad idea, I just think that we all need to sit back and take a long hard look at ourselves sometimes. Whatever, your own personal thoughts on the matter are this looks like a lot of fun. Let’s get into it, shall we?

Coming from the folk over at Half Human Games and appearing on Switch and PC via the Epic Games store, Dwerve is a dungeon runner with a difference. It’s also getting an October 12th release date for those of you craving this sort of chaos. Incidentally, if you own a PC and absolutely can’t wait another couple of weeks Dwerve can also be found on Steam and the Humble Store as we speak. I’m also going to leave you the link to the game website if you fancy a look.

Dwevre is an epic action adventure RPG with tower-defense combat. This will see you taking control of a dwarven tinkerer called Dwerve as he dungeon-crawls through a ruined kingdom, fending off hordes of enemies with turrets and traps. As he goes, Dwerve will unearth the lost technologies of the ancient Warsmiths. These weapons are the only things that can protect his fellow dwarfs from the evil Witch Queen, Vandra, and her army of bloodthirsty trolls and evil creatures, hell-bent on conquering the surface.

Dwerve draws an abundance of inspiration from classic Zelda games like A Link to the Past. Dwerve adventures through a whimsical fantasy world full of danger and excitement, a beautifully crafted pixel-verse brimming with wonder. Being a nostalgic SNES-inspired action-adventure with innovative tower-defense combat, Dwerve is a perfect fit for the Nintendo Switch.” Said Percy Legendre IV, co-founder of Half Human Games.

The inspiration for Dwerve comes from SNES classics such as A Link to the Past and more modern offerings such as Orcs Must Die, and Dungeon Defenders. What we get is a game that gives us stunning pixel art, a compelling story, and engaging game mechanics. What more could you want from what might just be your new favorite title? Explore dangerous dungeons, unleash your strategic prowess, and save your dwarven kin from imminent danger. Above all else, though, have fun and I think by the sounds of it there’ll be plenty of that to go around.

So there you have it! Dwerve is dungeon crawling, tower defending, gadget tinkering, and trap-building adventure. Am I going to die on my hill with regard to devs being completely sadistic? Of course, I am! But if it wasn’t for the utter masochists amongst the rest of the gamer base, we wouldn’t keep getting brilliant results from these very clever industry folk. So the moral of the story is we’re all as bad as each other. With this in mind, we’ll just see what degree of right I am. Roll on October 12th for those Switch-owning folk amongst you wanting to get in on the action.