Dying Light crosses over with Left 4 Dead 2 for weekend event


What meshes well with killing tons of zombies? Killing even more zombies, of course! You can never have too much of a good thing; like mixing cake with ice cream, only good things can come from it. This October, from the 24th-28th, Techland and Valve are bringing double trouble with a special Dying Light X Left 4 Dead 2 Halloween event available on consoles and PC. 

Left 4 Dead 2, which launched 10 years ago, is a classic fast paced FPS that requires mountains of ammo to pour into massive waves of zombies. Dying Light takes a different approach, focusing more on crafting, scavenging, and running in order to stay alive. To make this crossover work well, increased ammo drops and increased amounts of weapons will be added. In addition to those increases, hordes of infected zombies have also been increased, so don’t be afraid to double tap.  

The 4 day event will offer challenges to players in order for them to earn powerful gold blueprints for the iconic Left 4 Dead 2 melee weapons: the golf club, the frying pan, and of course, the electric guitar. The best way to kill time while waiting for Dying Light 2 has to be melting zombie faces with tasty jams off the L4D2 6 string. 

Dying Light weapons

If you happen to gorge yourself on Trick or Treat candy this weekend and fall into a sugar coma which would cause you to miss this event, don’t fret! The standard version of these blueprints will be available as free DLC when the event concludes, so players can party all weekend and still get their hands on the exclusives. It’s a win/win!