EA boss: NFS’s Autolog to do for racers what multiplayer did for shooters

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Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit‘s Autolog feature will be a game changer in the racing genre, publisher EA’s John Riccitiello is confident.

Talking on the company’s Q2 fiscal 2011 results call yesterday, the CEO noted that the competition-urging feature has the capacitity to do for driving and/or for the Need for Speed franchise “what superior forms of multiplayer gameplay did for shooters a few short years ago.”

He’s referring to the likes of Call of Dutys and Halos then, we reckon; games that people buy mostly for their online capabilities.

“It’s the first truly compelling online feature set for a driving game,” the exec continued, “and it’s worth paying attention to. If you’re looking for innovation-driving outcomes, it’s a place to look for innovation.”

Riccitiello even urged investors to “take a day off” to play the game as it launches later this month. “You’re going to love it.”

A demo of the Criterion-developer racer is out now, complete with Autolog, and will remain available until the 9th.

The full game launches on Nov. 16th in North America, 19th in Europe.