EA officially announces Dead Space 3 after countless leaks

To the surprise of literally no one, the third entry of the Dead Space series has finally been confirmed by EA. This seemingly preemptive announcement was most likely due to leak after leak after leak that the title faced. The first official footage of the game will hit the web during the publisher’s press conference at E3, which is taking place on June 4.

I find it weird that EA couldn’t simply wait four more days to unveil the game, despite all the various leaks from the internet world. I guess they figured it was the worst kept secret anyways, so why not just let the cat out of the bag early. A cat primed to murder countless alien species again and again in order to survive day by day. Sounds like quite the leisure life doesn’t it?

I just hope that the rumored cooperative features don’t distract too heavily from the survival-horror aspects of the game.