EA proud, predicts Crysis 2 to be “another 90-rated game”

Crysis was a pretty rad game. The suit gave you some cool powers, you had this huge jungle in which to enjoy them, and you got to kill lots of dudes. Really, not a whole lot to dislike. The game also scored pretty well with critics as a result, and so a sequel seemed pretty likely. No doubt it’s something to be excited over, and EA’s so sure about it that EA Partners head David DeMartini has called it out as “another 90-rated game from Crytek.”

The comment came up in talks about the game’s release being pushed back to March 2011. Naturally, suspicions arise that it’s avoiding that holiday release window where good games that lack the words “Call,” “Duty,” “Halo,” or “of” have that bad habit of getting relatively ignored… not unlike the first Crysis. DiMartini promised, though, that it was to make the game as good as it can possibly be and promised its high marks. To all game critics, consider the gauntlet thrown.