EA sends brass knuckles to videogame journalists

Oops, looks like EA got just a little too into the Mafia spirit and sent brass knuckles to media outlets. The problem? Well, they forgot that a lot of States brand brass knuckles as illegal. Guess that’s one way to send a message, aye Corleone?

The swag filled press package, which arrived at several media outlets, came just days before The Godfather II released on the 7th. Inside were immigration documents, a letter from M. Corleone, a cigar, a book of matches, dice, some piano wire and of course the best flea market paperweight–the brass knuckles. Game Politics and MTV have already written about their experience receiving such a great package.

EA doesn’t seem to be doing this for publicity though. Yahoo is reporting that representatives have been calling around to arrange the return shipment of the contraband items. If they asked for one back from me (assuming of course that I was lucky enough to receive it) they’d have to pry it from my cold dead fingers, so fuggeddaboudit!