EA to continue developing new IPs

EA’s newly-found focus on putting out fewer games and investing more in their biggest games doesn’t mean they’ll let their portfolio become stale. Quite the opposite in fact, according CEO John Riccitiello.

“It’s religion for me,” he says of quality and innovative products. “I believe quality and innovation is what works.”

While some of the investments will go into further developing existing franchises like Dead Space — the sequel reveal for which is just around the corner — Riccitiello says the company will not start shying away from new intellectual properties. “I think we owe our customer – core or non-core – quality and innovation that really blows their minds every time we put a product out there … and you’ll continue to see new IP from us.”

“… there is new IP in fiscal 2011 that we haven’t announced yet, and there is a massive amount of innovation going in it.”

It’s “not a reduction from where we’ve been,” he says. “It’s maintaining the track.”