Earthfall: Alien Horde now available for pre-order


Everyone loves an exclusive. There’s something about having a game come out on your favourite console that you know will only be owned by likeminded gamers, and potentially you, of course. Consoles are sometimes bought purely on the basis of the exclusives that come with them. Adding to the roster of exclusives devoted to the Switch will be Earthfall: Alien Horde and for shooter fans this should be pretty exciting.

We all love the ability to kill aliens right? In most sci-fi games some alien menace is causing trouble and needs dealing with in the most ultimately violent of ways. This is, of course, the case in Earthfall: Alien Horde. We aren’t just talking about a few aliens either, there’s bloody hundreds of the blighters that want swatting and it’s going to be up to you to do it.

You’ll take the role of one of four story-driven characters in this co-operative first-person shooter. You’ll then face off against hordes of alien drones and the inscrutable masters controlling them using advanced weaponry and printable guns.

There will be tonnes to unlock as you fight across sixteen unique locations, including 11 campaign chapters and 5 invasion maps. To keep the content fresh and your adrenaline pumping, the aliens will be procedurally generated, meaning you’ll face something challenging and tense every time you play.

Earthfall fans looking for an upgraded experience should love Earthfall: Alien Horde, which includes all the previous content released for the original game . It’s always nice to get another go at something you already enjoy with loads of extra fun thrown in.

If this sounds like something you want to get your mitts on, pre-orders of Earthfall: Alien Horde are now available. These pre-orders are available from the Nintendo eShop both in North America and here in Europe at $19.99. If you want to get an early feel for what you’re getting yourselves into, just have a peek at the trailer below. The full release of Earthfall: Alien Horde is planned for the end of the week, October 29th, so not long to wait to get your kill on.