Development for Deus Ex 3 is going well, says Eidos Montreal

What were you doing at 3:30am on a Friday? Drugs? Partying with friends and some girls who you’re too afraid to ask their ages? Throwing up an alley after another night of binge drinking? Turn your life around!

You know what we were doing? We were getting scoops. Eidos rewarded us, as they have been known to, with nothing but the freshest and most anticipated of news. In a tweet yesterday afternoon Eidos Montreal said, “Development on Deus Ex 3 is going well and the Thief 4 team is ramping up!” Exciting! OK, maybe this doesn’t sound like news to you. Maybe this seems a tad bit insignificant. Well you tell that to all the Deus Ex fans out there currently chomping at the bit for new info. And who are you to talk anyway? You’re making your mother cry.