8 Best Elden Ring Dual Wield Build & Dual Wielding Weapons

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This post was last updated on November 1, 2023

Similar to Dark Souls 2’s power stance, dual wielding in Elden Ring allows you to maximize your damage output while giving your character some unique moves.

There are a ton of weapons and combinations you can use in the game making it difficult to find the best ones. You could go for double bleed swords, dual shields, or great swords and manage to deal a significant amount of damage.

But knowing if you are using the best combination of weapons can feel largely like guesswork.

Fortunately we have created a list of the eight top dual-wielding builds in Elden Ring that will allow you to melt enemies and, in some cases, one shot bosses.

How To Dual Wield

Dual wielding is simple enough; you just need to equip two weapons that you want to dual wield in your main weapon slot and one in your off hand weapon slot. You can do this with most of the weapons in the game, with the exception of most ranged weapons, as they require both hands to fire. For the best results, use two weapons of the same type.

Elden Ring Best Dual Wield Weapons

1. Starscourge Greatsword

elden ring dual wield build, starscourge greatsword

Killing General Radahn is not an easy feat for most players. His attacks deal a devastating amount of damage to the unprepared and, in a lot of cases, kill you. Thankfully, when you kill him, you get access to an excellent weapon, his Greatsword

The best thing about this build is that you only need to physically own and equip one, as when you powerstance with it, you will end up dual-wielding both swords akin to how Radahn wields them. When dual wielded, its normal attack deals more damage per swing compared to other colossal weapons, and you get the powerstance strength bonus, meaning you don’t need to reach the exact strength requirement to wield it.

Its unique Ash of War, the Starcaller Cry, allows you to pull enemies within a wide area toward you. Then follows up with a slam for an insanely powerful AOE attack.

Where to find the Colossal swords:

You will need to kill Radahn and bring his remembrance to Enia in Roundtable Hold to be exchanged for the weapon. Note: If you want to get both of Radahn’s weapons, you can duplicate the remembrance at a Walking Mausoleum.  


  • Physical: 129
  • Magic: 83
  • Default Ash of War: Starcaller Cry
  • Requires: Str 38, Dex 12, Int 15


  • Great Ash of War
  • Great for crowd control
  • Deals magic damage as well.

2. Rivers of Blood

The use of Rivers of Blood in Elden Ring is a polarizing issue. This doesn’t stop it from being one of the best weapons to dual wield Elden Ring. It has an amazing move set and increases damage with each hit. 

Its bleed effect gives a tremendous boost to your damage output when you equip it in both hands, and the requirements to use it are pretty low. The highest stat you need is 20 arcane.

Unfortunately, you will have to wait until New Game+ (NG+) to wield two Rivers of Blood. Until you get to that stage, though, it does pair well with a Blood Uchigatana or Frost Uchigatana, allowing you to output high amounts of damage.

Where to find the Katana:

You obtain the Rivers of Blood Katana by killing Bloody Finger Okina, an invader on the Mountaintop of Giants near the Church of Repose.


  • Physical: 76
  • Fire: 76
  • Crit: 100
  • Causes Blood loss Buildup (50)
  • Requirements: Str 12, Dex 18, Arc 20


  • Ash of war Corpse Piler deals both Physical and Fire Damage

3. Raptor Talons

Claws are a distinct weapon that is preferred for quick attack builds. They are devastating at building up bleed. However, they don’t deal high amounts of damage, and most of their usability comes from their speed and bleed.Because they scale off of dexterity rather than strength, it’s a good weapon for those who want to be dexterous. 

The Raptor Talons are unique as they will deal 55% more damage when airborne, making jump attacks the viable strategy when using them. Like the Starscourge Greatsword you only need one weapon as when you power stance with them will allow you to dual wield.

Where to find the Claws:

Sage’s Cave on the Altus Plateau, hidden behind several secret walls in one of the chests.


  • Physical: 83
  • Crit: 110
  • Requirements:  Str 6, Dex 14


  • A huge damage output with a jump attack
  • Great Bleed build-up
  • Unique moveset

4. Giant Crusher

elden ring dual wield build, giant-crusher

If you want  a Strength-focused dual wield build, you must equip the colossal weapon Giant Crusher to each hand. It’s effective in both PVP and PVE scenarios and can make taking down bosses easy. This colossal weapon is among the best in the game for dealing the massive damage in the least amount of time.

With two of these bad boys you can easily deal over a thousand damage per hit. Which you can make even stronger using the multitudes of buffs present in Elden Ring, making them

Where to find the Colossal Weapon:

In a chest in the back of a Carriage directly to the south of Outer Wall Phantom Tree site of grace in the Capital Outskirts.

Note: The only downside is to get two, you will need to go into NG+.


  • Physical: 155
  • Crit: 100
  • Requires: Str 60


  • It deals an absurd amount of physical damage for heavy attacks
  • Synergizes well with the Claw talisman for even more damage
  • Can take down most bosses with ease including Malenia and Radagon
  • It has S rank strength scaling with the heavy affinity at max upgrade level

5. Dual Hoslow’s Petal Whips

elden ring, hoslow's petal whip

Whips are a largely underused weapon in Elden Ring. But when equip two whips they can deal massive amounts of damage. Of the six whips in the game, the best ones to go with for a dual wield build is double Hoslow’s Petal Whips. They apply the bleed effect, and unlike some of the other weapons on this list, you don’t need to go into a NG+ to get the set.

This build is devastating, as its jumping attack inflicts heavy poise damage. Allowing you to stunlock several major enemies throughout the game.

Where to find the Whips:

  1. Dropped by Juno Hoslow as part of the final contract for the Volcano Manor Questline. His invade sign is in the northern Mountaintops of the Giants, east of Shack of the Lofty.
  2. Dropped by Diallos Hoslow. This can be obtained by either completing his quest line in Jarburg, or if you kill him outside in Liurnia of the Lakes or Jarburg.


  • Physical: 110
  • Default Ash of War: Kick
  • Causes blood loss buildup (55)
  • Requires: Str 10, Dex 20


  • High poise damage in the jumping attack
  • Long reach and wide range
  • You can swap the ashes of war (Bloodhound’s Step is a good option to keep you mobile).

6. Dual Golden Halberds

The Golden Halberd is a weapon dropped by the first open world boss that you will encounter in Elden Ring. As a Faith weapon, it allows you to deal Holy Damage which is useful against undead enemies like the Tibia Mariners.

It is a slow weapon, but as a Halberd, this weapon’s reach will significantly help your survival. It also has a fantastic Ash of War: Golden Vow. This grants yourself and nearby allies a buff in attack power and defense. 

Where to find the Golden Halberd: 

It is dropped by the Tree Sentinel in Limgrave (the first open world boss you see)

Note: To get two, you will need to go into NG +.


  • Phy: 134
  • Holy: 87
  • Crit: 100
  • Requirements: Str 30, Dex 14, Faith 12 


  • Long reach
  • Devastatingly high damage
  • Its Weapon skills: Golden Vow 
  • A good supplement in any faith build.

7. Godskin Peeler And Twinblade

If you want a build with both speed and reach then pairing the Godskin Peeler with a Twinblade will be the way to go. With dual Twinblades it will feels like you are quad wielding four different blades in a blender of damage. The Peeler also has a great Weapon Art: Black Flame Tornado, a chargeable fire damage attack.

If you level this weapon to maximum with the Bleed affinity, the bleed build-up is a whopping 120 which can help taking down tanky enemies which are susceptible to the damage. Also its jumping attack deals four times the amount of build up. 

Where to find the Twinblades:

  1. The Godskin Peeler is the reward for killing the Godskin Apostille in the Windmill Village
  2. The Twin Blade can be found inside a chest, in the underground cellar, in the Dragon-Burnt Ruins.


  • Physical: 121
  • Crit: 100
  • Requirements: Str 17, Dex 22


  • Ridiculous Bleed build-up
  • Strong Weapon Art
  • It is quick, strong, and has a long reach.

8. Fingerprint Stone Shield

fingerprint stone shield

If you want to try and build the ultimate defense, Dual wielding the Fingerprint Stone Shield is the way to go. You’ll be able to sit back and let the boss attack while minding your own business.

The main appeal of double Fingerprint Stone Shields is their poise. This will give you as much defense as you possibly can and make you practically immortal. However, unless you use its skill or chip away with shield bashes, it isn’t great for damage output.

Dual wielding the heaviest shields in the game can be difficult. But as a tank, you won’t need to roll much anyway.

Where to find the Shield :

The Fingerprint Stone Shield Shield can be found at the Cathedral of the Forsaken. You must first defeat Morgott, the Omen King, to get access to it, as there will be a barrier otherwise. 

Note: To get two, you will need to go into NG+.


  • Physical Negation: 100
  • Magical Negation: 77
  • Fire Negation: 81
  • Light Negation: 79
  • Holy Negation: 75
  • Requirements: Str 48


  • Grants the best physical attacks protection in the game
  • Huge Poise increase
  • It inflicts Madness when its weapon Shield Bash skill

Final Thoughts

Not only is dual wielding a lot of fun, but it also allows you to mix and match your favorite weapons or just make your character look that little bit cooler. It also paves the way for countless unique and creative possibilities. Whether you want to be quick with claws or turtle with shields there is a build out there for you to try.