Elden Ring Point of No Return: A Brief Guide

elden ring point of no return


This post was last updated on November 1, 2023

If you’re looking for cheat codes, character breakdowns, and complete video game guides, welcome to That VideoGame Blog, the best blog about video games. Today, we’ll discuss a viral new game: Elden Ring.

As many games evolve to allow for greater exploration, Elden Ring stands out as a new fan favorite. It’s a game filled with open-world adventure, hidden dungeons, and optional bosses waiting for players to find them.

In such an expansive setting, many players want to explore it all, hitting every dungeon and quest they can. For this reason, many players may be wary of the Elden Ring “point of no return.”

The “point of no return” refers to moments in a game when the players can’t go back. The world may change to lock players out of certain areas or from certain quests.

Things are a bit complicated in Elden Ring, as the game technically features multiple points of no return. Most players will likely miss out on some content and different outcomes on their initial playthrough.

Elden Ring’s Point of No Return: When Will Players Encounter It?

Though it’s not as exciting as the rest, the first real point of no return in Elden Ring is technically when the players select their class and keepsake. As in other video games, Elden Ring players can only alter these choices by starting a new game.

The second instance where players can heavily influence later parts of the story in Elden Ring comes in the encounter with Patches. Patches will attack the player for looting his chest. If the player decides to spare Patches’ life when his health gets low, he proves helpful later during the Volcano Manor quest. However, if the player kills him, they’ll miss out on some of the content surrounding that segment.

One of the more notable examples of an Elden Ring point of no return comes after players defeat the Fire Giant. Players will have access to a bridge that allows entry to the Forge of the Giants. Upon the players’ arrival, Melina will ask if the player is ready to commit a “cardinal sin.”

Saying yes will progress the story without locking players out of any major points of the story, but it has several consequences. Melina will sacrifice herself to burn down the Erdtree, which leads to a point where the players kill Malekith, The Black Blade. This action covers the city of Leyndell in ashes, turning the Royal Capital into the Ashen Capital.

This point of no return locks players out of many parts of Leyndell, but it’s also necessary for the players to find and face the final boss. Players can also find one of Elden Ring’s legendary talismans after killing Malekith and covering the Royal Capital in ash.

After these events, players can defeat the final boss and continue playing on the same save if they choose to explore more of the game. If players regret any of their choices or wish to see a different ending, they can easily start a new game and make different decisions when faced with an Elden Ring point of no return.

Elden Ring is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and the Xbox Series X.