Enlisted bringing realistic World War 2 action to Xbox Series X/S

Enlisted, an online squad-based World War II first-person shooter, has been confirmed by developers Gaijin Entertainment to launch alongside the Xbox Series X/S this November. Players will be able to purchase the ‘Founder’s Pack’ to get access to the game as a Game Preview title when the new consoles launch on 10th November.

Enlisted features realistic squad-based combat set across large maps that are accurate representations of real-world WW2 battles, such as the ‘Battle of Moscow’ or the well-known ‘Normandy Invasion’. Players can take control of either infantry soldiers, tank commanders or an aircraft pilot as they battle it out with opposing players on the ground or in the air. All vehicles and weaponry are created with realism in mind as each remains true to their real-world counterparts.

Enlisted boasts a proprietary Ray Tracing system that will make the most of the new ray tracing hardware featured in the new consoles by offering more realistic lighting detail among other graphical enhancements. Further technical details have also been revealed with the Xbox Series X version of the game said to be capable of running at a 4K resolution, while the Xbox Series S will be able to run at a maximum of 1440p. Gaijin Entertainment have also revealed that the game will be targeting a stable 60 frames per second at these resolutions, which will surely make those forays behind enemy lines buttery smooth. No details were given on how long the game will remain exclusive to the Xbox Series X/S or how the game is expected to run on other consoles.

Enlisted will be part of the Xbox Series X/S launch line-up as a Game Preview title this November for players that purchase the ‘Founders Pack’. Further information on the game and its development can be found here.