Entropia Universe couple gets married both in game and real life

Love is in the air here at That VideoGame Blog. In fact, I know of two TVGB authors and one Editor-in-Chief who are getting married this year! But I’m here to tell you about a couple that defied all odds, fell in love and got married through a video game.

Karen Oderkirk and Jetze Koole first met online back in 2011, thus beginning their online gaming career (and relationship) together. They eventually starting playing Entropia Universe, the largest Massively Multiplayer Online Real Cash Economy game (or MMORCE).

I could tell you more about their love story myself but the press release discussing their marriage says it best.

“Not long afterwards they bought a two-person spaceship, and using their interceptor they toured the other planets eventually settling on Planet Cyrene.  During their time online together they got to know each other by talking in-game over Skype and developing a large group of mutual friends.  In 2012 they got married online in a ceremony officiated by a friendly starship captain.

“Real life took a little more time to get to the same stage as they were living in different countries.  Jetze lives in the Netherlands and Karen lived in the USA in California.  Karen decided to make the big move to be closer to Jetze and started on the long process of paperwork needed to get a permit to stay in the country.  In August of 2013 Karen finally got her permit, and a request for marriage approval was submitted to the town hall.  While it took a long time, the two are now a recently-married happy couple and continue to both play in Entropia Universe and in real life.”

Check out these amazing, love-filled photos of Karen’s and Jetze’s wedding (both virtual and real life) below.

On behalf of TVGB, I would just like to say that we love of all our readers, fans and advertisers. Thank you for being a part of our great community and remember, you never know where love will find you.

All images are courtesy of Game Press.