Epic Mickey may yet arrive on Xbox 360 and PS3

Conceptually Epic Mickey looks and sounds pretty rad, the combination of that awesome-but-slightly-messed-up concept art and Warren Spector’s involvement makes it seem like a darned promising proposal, though I fear many may miss out due to its current ‘Wii exclusive’ tag. However, a leap to the glorious realms of HD may not be completely out of the picture according to Disney game execs Steve Wadsworth and Graham Hopper.

“We have a very large audience base that has Wiis in their home,” stated Wadsworth at this year’s DICE summit, “that’s not to say that we won’t go to other platforms [in the future].” Hopper notes that the choice to develop for the Wii was based upon the fact that “the key mechanic [in Epic Mickey] is an ink and paint mechanic,” perfectly suited for the Wii remote. Hopper goes on to mention that had they known about the HD consoles’ motion controllers prior to development they would have “thought differently about it.”

Given that some existing Wii titles may be getting an HD upgrade, a similar treatment for Epic Mickey doesn’t sound that far-fetched.