Epic Mickey port? “Technologically” possible, Spector says

Hey isn’t Epic Mickey supposed to be a Wii exclusive? It certainly started as one because the gameplay is tailored for those motion controls that the Wii is so famous for. However, during Epic Mickey’s development, the industry has changed with the introduction of Sony’s PlayStation Move and Microsoft’s Kinect.

With this new technology, creative director Warren Spector says there’s no reason why Epic Mickey couldn’t be made into an Xbox 360 or PS3 game. “Before Move and Kinect I probably would have said no, because the game is built around gesturing,” said Spector when asked about Mickey being ported, “Now, however, there’s no reason technologically why we couldn’t.”

Unfortunately, Spector is not the one who makes the call on whether to port or not to port. “That decision is really above my pay grade, and no one’s asked me for a port”, he explained, “I’ve been a Nintendo fan a long time, and I’ve been pretty open about the fact that the Zelda games are some of my favorite of all time. So we’re a Wii exclusive and I’m happy about that.”