eSports Pro League launching early 2020 with a focus on mobile games

Esports are a rapidly growing industry. It seems like every month there are new stories breaking of teenage kids winning huge prize pools from their masterful skills in a game. With the marketability of esports skyrocketing, more and more venues open up and spread the sport to wider reaches. A new league is coming early next year with the rise of the eSports Pro League, which is planned to extend the esports culture to the mobile gaming space. 

esports pro league logo

eSports Pro League is planning on being more than just a platform for tournaments; the plan is for the ESPL to be an all new type of esports network as well. The ESPL network is going to be a very open and interactive format with an accessible ecosystem for brands, players, teams, and media. Relying heavily upon social interaction may seem like a risky gamble, but ESPL is offering something that makes the platform incredibly enticing. That is that you, the fan, can be an ESPL player. 

Utilizing a hybrid mix of online and in-person tournaments in 16 different countries, ESPL is paving the way for fans to become participants in what they call a Bedroom-to-Champion pathway. There’s not many sports leagues out there that offer that level of fan interactivity. With the growth of esports, naturally everyone that’s had a passion for videogames is going to think they can hack it, so the competition is sure to be as fierce as it is abundant. Based off of this information alone, it’s easy to see that the ESPL is going to be a hive of gamers battling for their chance to turn pro.

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While mobile might be the main platform of the new league, there will also be some opportunities for PC and console based events, as well. However, at this time there have not been any announcements of what specific games will be played in the fledgling esports league. More information will become available as the start of the first season, which runs February 2020-December 2020, draws near. The official website of the eSports Pro League will be the go to source for any breaking news on the newest league on the scene.