Ethiopian-inspired EQQO celebrates historical achievement

EQQO, from Parallel Studio, is a game inspired by Ethiopian ancient history. One of the most prominent forms of inspiration in the game comes from the churches of Lalibela. The churches, listed under UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), are unique in that early Christians built them directly inside of cliffs or in the grounds. They also contain frescoes (mural paintings) installed long ago and are traditionally visited by pilgrims in white cloths.

EQQO is now celebrating a more recent achievement in Ethiopian history. Just last year, Ethiopia planted a record 350 million trees in a single day. This act was committed in an effort to combat deforestation. It inspired the team that launched EQQO to create a DLC titled #EqqoDonation that allows players to not only plant trees in-game, but in real life as well. All proceeds from the DLC will be given to WeForest, a NGO committed to sustainability in maintaining forests and natural resources. A bundle containing EQQO as well as the new DLC provided by is now available in the American, European and Oceanian Nintendo Switch Eshop.