Everdream Valley sprouts a release date

I seem to remember a time when everyone decided they suddenly wanted to be a farmer. Farming sims were a massive thing in the mid-2000s. I remember my workmates actually timing their breaks so they could go and harvest whatever they had growing. This, incidentally, is not normal but happened on the regular. Like everything else, trends change and possibly fortunately for some people, this particular trope left itself mostly in the past. The plants didn’t die completely on this one, though and some really good games are still being released with farming at their heart. Everdream Valley is going to be appearing on your screens shortly and this farming sim with a magic twist looks like something a few of you out there might have been pining for.

Coming from the guys and gals over at VARSAV Game Studio along with Mooneaters and Untold Tales, Everdream Valley is a farming adventure with a twist. We can expect to see this title released for PC and PS4 and 5 on May 30th. Switch owning souls amongst you will also be able to grab a copy but you’ll have to wait a little bit longer for a release date at some point in June.

As I mentioned earlier, Everdream Valley is a vast farming simulator with a touch of magic. By day, you’ll restore your special corner of the valley as you raise various crops, care for animals and help rebuild your grandparent’s farm. At night, however, magic dreams let you embody various farmland creatures in a bid to complete special challenges.

Everdream Valley is a very animal-friendly game. You’ll have to look after a large variety of creatures, from the usual pigs and chickens to alpacas and other slightly more unusual beasts. Each creature whether it be domesticated or wild comes with its own unique influence on your farm. As this is a game about caring for animals you can be assured that you won’t see your favorite cow landing in a burger bun.

You can’t do all that farming without a trusty sidekick, right? In Everdream Valley you won’t need to. You’ll be able to select your canine companion from thirteen breeds and then train your new friend to help you with tasks like herding, tracking, finding treasure, and more.

Things change for the surreal at night in the valley and magic abounds. You’ll be taking to your dreams to complete minigames as one of the many animals on your farm. This isn’t just an unusual way to take a break from the day’s activities. Completing the challenges that you’re set will grant you a unique reward or have an impact on your farm the next day. Everything should go hand in hand beautifully to help you along with your agricultural adventure.

There’s a lot more for you to do than tend crops and creatures. Everdream Valley is a sandbox full of relaxed adventures. You can go camping, build a treehouse, catch and collect bugs, or go fishing and these pastimes are just scratching the surface. There should be plenty of fun things to keep you occupied and coming back for more.

Everdream Valley seems to be a brilliant title for those of you that miss your farming adventures.  Of course, there’s a whole generation of you now that don’t remember the original wave of games in this corner of the sim world. Things will have come along leaps and bounds since the titles back then, so if you love a good sim you could probably do far worse than spend some time here. If you want to get to work in your own corner of the valley you don’t have too long to wait.