“Exciting” CryEngine 3 products ahead — Crytek

Where are all the CryEngine 3 games, you may wonder. Worry not, there’s plenty to look forward to, Crytek has assured.

Games making use of the engine “obviously require a certain amount of development time,” according to Director of Global Business Development, Carl Jones, and so, they just “haven’t got to a point yet where our licensees are ready to show them.” But they are coming.

Jones says we should be seeing a number of “exciting” games running on the tech revealed in the next year or so, for both consoles and PC, and across many genres.

One game that has been shown is City Interactive’s Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2. While still in early stages, the game looks beautiful already.

For an MMO, ASTA isn’t too shabby, either.

“We’re up to about 40 licensees now with CryEngine, but we haven’t been able to announce many of them as yet,” Jones adds. “But we have publishers that have signed up for licenses with CryEngine as well as independent developers so there are some good products on the way.”

CryEngine isn’t all games, of course. It’s also been licensed to architects and the US Army which uses it as a training tool.