Prepare to experience the nightmarish Broken Veil on Steam

There are common themes that appear in the horror genre of gaming such as fear, suspense, and isolation. Broken Veil, the new 3D puzzle platformer from Sinistrum Games, set for release this year, is no stranger to any of these themes. In this title, however, one of the most unique psychological elements incorporated into the main character’s persona is the inability to recognize the faces of familiar people; also known as prosopagnosia. If you’re ready to have your mind manipulated in unexpected ways, this game will throw you a variety of fear-inducing challenges from a prosopagnosia perspective.

In Broken Veil, players are taken to post-Soviet Russia where they will be greeted with scenes inspired by real locations from this era. From here, they’ll explore this desolate landscape through the eyes of a young boy searching for his lost mother while dealing with his mental condition. You will be challenged to use your deductive skills to reach your goal as you’re presented with a number of puzzles, spine-tingling locations, and frightening monsters who will try to sabotage your mission. The overall atmosphere is inspired by the popular horror adventure game, Little Nightmares, so if you’re a fan of this masterpiece Broken Veil should be right up your alley.

The dim lighting and somber environment of Broken Veil‘s world are balanced by some fluffy companions. If you’re a fan of cats, you’ll be pleased to know that your feline friends are there to assist you on your journey. They will not only help calm you when things become intense but also help you solve puzzles. Using a laser pointer, control your kitty allies and direct them toward hard-to-reach places; enabling you to solve challenges and escape from shadowy figures.

For those who are bilingual or who simply want a truly authentic experience, Broken Veil will offer both English and Russian versions. The game will be available on Steam later this year, so check out the page and add it to your wishlist if you’re eager to go on this journey.