FIFA 12 confirms EA working on NGP games

There was a bit of an “uh oh” moment when Sony revealed the NGP as many fans noticed the glaring omission of EA from a list of publishers pledging support to the handheld. Was the industry giant sitting this one out?

Rest easy; a recent CV listing on LinkedIn reveals that one of EA’s biggest titles, FIFA 12, will release for NGP. Juan José Galera Pérez, Localization Software Engineer II at Electronic Arts has listed the football game as one of his current projects, and revealed the platforms the game is in development for.

He lists: “FIFA12 (X360, PS3, PS2, PSP, PSP2, PC, Wii, NDS, N3DS), European and Asian SKU”. Obviously the PSP2 is meant to be the NGP.

Nothing official, then, but it’s certainly reassuring to see.