Final Fantasy creator outlines new game, rocks the Lego

Final Fantasy creator and Mistwalker head-honcho Hironobu Sakaguchi has dropped some hints about his next project. Blogging on the Mistwalker site, Sakaguchi – who was also the brains behind Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey (above)- outlined some vague info about the direction of his new game.

Sakaguchi wrote, “Planning to basically put importance on having seamless control of the overall direction of the game, mixed with CG spectacle scenes. Controls will have a bit of a trick to it, while having a blend of RPG-type strategy and growth. Behaviors based on interaction with the situation around you…wait, I’m not supposed to say more than this…”

Sakaguchi goes on to say that a proper announcement for the game will come down this year. As for future updates, we can look forward to artwork, behind-the-scenes tid-bits and developer team intros making their way to the site soon. Meanwhile, Sakaguchi himself is currently grappling with graphics settings for the game, a job which apparently inspires him to get the Lego out. And he’s pretty damn good at it too.

The blog entry concludes with this note: “With all the different elements and staff putting their “heart and soul” into it, it feels different from projects until now, but in a good way. Please look forward to it.”