Final Fantasy XIII blonde dude gets named

Square Enix is not the most forthcoming of publishers when it comes to releasing details about their cherished Final Fantasy series. Even though they made headlines at E3 when they announced that Final Fantasy XIII would be coming to Xbox 360, we still don’t know much about the game itself. But the slow trickle of news flows on, and we have a scant few new details for you.

Famitsu reported that the blonde guy with the glowy tattoo in the above screenshot has been named. Even better, they broke some details about his backstory. His name is Snow, and he will be joining the ranks of weather-inspired characters such as Cloud, Squall, and FFXIII costar Lightning. Snow is one of the Rush. The Rush are chosen ones who are granted special powers by Falsh, a being who has surpassed human knowledge and created one of the kingdoms in the game. Falsh sends missions to the Rush in the form of visions. These visions are rather vague, leaving the Rush members to interpret them for themselves. If you ask me, it’s a pretty inefficient management style, but I haven’t quite surpassed human intelligence yet, so who am I to talk? Actually, without knowing anything about Falsh and his motives, it could lead to some really interesting moral choices. We’ll see in twenty years when the game finally hits.