Final Fantasy XIII demo coming in a few days?

With Japan getting Final Fantasy XIII this Thursday, other gamers may feel a bit left out. A recent twitter post from Senior PR member Sonia Im at Square Enix America has revealed that something is headed our way soon that may bring us back in the loop.

“The memo inside hinted at something cool most of you can participate in a few days from now :),” the post from Im read and included a picture of a disc labeled with a XIII as well as a half covered sheet of paper. The scraps of information that can be read from the paper state “away (12.17.2009) you may be wishing,” “arrive until 03.09.2010 we hope this”, and “you over for a bit.”

What could be something everyone could participate in and help tide us over until the game comes out? It better not be a survey that’s for sure. A demo would be the most likely thing and a few days would make it coincide with the full retail release in Japan. Makes sense to me, but we will have to wait and see if this makes sense to Square Enix as well.