Final Super Mario Maker 2 update out now

The final major update for Super Mario Maker 2 is available now! The 3.0 update gives this title a huge overhaul. Most notably, among a variety of other new additions, is the much clamored for ability to create an entire Mario World!

Indeed, the much anticipated Mario World creator has arrived. Players may design a full game with up to 40 levels. Each world includes up to 8 sub-worlds, each containing up to 5 levels. The subworlds can be customized specifically to their themes, such as ice or desert. The map layout can be tailored as well via terraforming, adding toad houses and warp pipes, and choosing from a variety of level icons.

The update also gives a nod to Super Mario classics. Finally, Super Mario Bros. 2 gets some love in the form of character sprites that can pull-up and throw enemies. And the Frog Suit from Super Mario Bros. 3 is finally here, as well!

Super Mario 3D World receives a shout out too in the 3.0 update. Most notably, creators now have five box hats to toy with, each having its own unique ability such as air dashes or propeller jumps.

And finally, boss variety improves as the Koopalings arrive! Each of the 7 new villains has a unique look and ability set. This will spice up created Mario Worlds by staving off repeat showdowns with Bowser and Baby Bowser.

Other new additions include even more power-ups and enemy types!

This is the update many fans have been hoping for since the original Super Mario Maker on the Wii U. I personally am very excited to jump back in and create some more aggressively mediocre levels!

Here is one of the levels that I designed. Star me as a creator to see my other levels!