Fireflies bringing Voxel art back into the game

If you thought the simple, pixilated art of 90’s games was over and done with, think again. Fireflies is bringing back the retro look for a 3D action puzzle game that makes voxel art look like it belongs in an art exhibit.

Seriously, it looks that good.

fireflies boy

The atmosphere of the game makes it seem like it could lean more on the fantasy side but the reality is, this is very much a contemporary game. It centers around a child who has experienced abuse and domestic violence. Bosses are reminiscent of the child’s past experiences with real-life monsters, appearing large and menacing as the child imagines them to be. Indeed, much of the game revolves around the child being locked in their own mind. Submerged in the shadow of their past experiences, the child gains help from a psychologist, and of course the fireflies.

Led by Victor Romao, Lead Artist of Smart Studio based in Santo Andre, Brazil, Fireflies has already enchanted critics and proves you don’t need smooth graphics to capture an audience.

We wanted to do something different when choosing voxel in an unprecedented level of detail and size never seen in games before. This choice is also interspersed with what we are trying to communicate, because everything in life is built, like small pieces that fit together forming worlds around us.

– Victor Ramao

If that isn’t poetic to a T, then what is? Romao has truly done something dynamic. He has managed to tell a story through art, making the scenery and background of the game a character of its own. The voxel art is just as engaging to the player as it is to the main character. Fireflies pulls gamers in with its atmosphere and holds their attention as it tells the story of a troubled heart.

fireflies library

Fireflies is now available for PC on Steam, GameJolt, and Itchio. Check out more on the game here.