First Dragon Age expansion in March?

Right on the heels of the launch date announcement for Return to Ostagar, the latest piece of Dragon Age: Origins downloadable content, come rumors about something called Dragon Age: The Awakening. reports that BioWare may be releasing 15 hours worth of new content under that name this March, content that appears to be much more than what’s been released or announced so far.

If true, The Awakening will kick off where Origins left off, will bring new items, increase the level cap and introduce a completely new character who’s getting their own origin story. With an apparent retail release also happening, it looks like this may be Origins‘ first actual expansion. BioWare’s been saying that new content of many shapes and sizes is a priority for the company, so this ending up being true wouldn’t surprise in the slightest. But, still in the rumor pile for now.

An official announcement is said to happen in early this month, probably sometime after the Return to Ostagar‘s PC/360 release this Thursday.