First glimpse of Star Trek Online has beamed itself up

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Right between the ramblings on what’s the most underrated episode and whether or not Klingon is the superior language, independent developers Cryptic Studios got some time to reveal fresh info and the first trailer for Star Trek Online at the annual Star Trek Convention.

Accompanied by Leonard Nimoy – That’s “Spock” ITL* – Crypic’s Chief Creative Officer Jack Emmert took the stage in front of eager convention attendees and fans from all over the world watching the live webcast, and outlined the details for the upcoming MMO Star Trek Online.

“I spent many, many Saturday afternoons watching reruns of Star Trek and dreaming of its worlds. Leonard Nimoy helped inspire my imagination of what mysteries the universe might in fact hold,” said Emmert. “I’d like to think that very same imagination is what fuels my desire and drive as a game designer, pushing toward creating an MMO that is the ultimate Star Trek experience.”

Set in the year 2409, Star Trek Online will allow players to find themselves in the future Star Trek universe, exploring strange new worlds, going on quests to seek out new life forms and perhaps entire new civilizations. Players will command a starship as a Federation or Klingon Captain, and will, of course, be able to equip it with the necessary weapons and personnel required for exploration and combat. As you can see in the debut trailer above, players will be able to fight both inside starships and out in the open.

At first look, it seems to be rather plotted while in space, and the action element when fighting face-to-face seems almost left out. It does have great potential, there’s certainly loads of Trekkies out there that are dying to get their hands on the game. Star Trek Online is definitely an MMO to keep your eyes on, remember that this is the first trailer to be released and it’s already looking well-shaped with lush and diverse environments. Some fine-adjustments, and it’s all good.

We’re still waiting for a release date and price information.

* In Trekkie Life