First Spider-man: Edge of Time trailer defies time itself

As Activision promised, here’s an early look at Spider-man: Edge of Time, the new wall-crawling game from Beenonx.

Revealed late last week, the game focuses on the Amazing and 2099 realities seen in Spider-man: Shattered Dimensions (only they’re both in the same reality this time, whoever thought a Spider-man game could get so confusing?). The two heroes have to work together to prevent the murder of Peter Parker. The trailer shows us a lot of gameplay which, for the most part, looks exactly like Shattered Dimensions. 2099’s free-falling sections return and both character boast similar skills shown off in the last game.

Not that that’s too much of a bad thing; Shattered Dimensions was a step in the right direction for the web-head and, given some tweaks, Edge of Time could be even better. We’ve got some pretty screen to check out in the gallery too.