Five new 3DS games detailed

Nintendo didn’t skimp on the 3DS content at this year’s E3 conference; a total of five brand new games were detailed for the handheld just before that Wii U presentation.

First up is the 3DS edition of Mario Kart which, surprisingly, looks like Mario Kart. There was plenty of footage of the racer to go along with the announcement which we’re sure will be doing the rounds soon. That’s coming Holiday 2011.

Starfox 64 3D was up next; the remake of the N64 classic received a September release date for the US, though no European launch was detailed. Reggie Fils-Aime was pretty excited about the fact that you could control the game both with the d-pad and by tilting the controller.

Moving on, the big guns were brought out. Super Mario 3DS was shown, living up to that fully 3D tease given at GDC this year. The game will come “before the end of the year”, so there’s that.

Kid Icarus: Uprising also returned, bringing multiplayer with him. A slick trailer showed off the campaign and then the online mayhem made its debut. The game will also get exclusive augmented reality cards, and will launch later in the year.

The last game was a bit of a surprise. A sequel to the infamous Gamecube launch title Luigi’s Mansion was announced. Luigi’s Mansion 2 features, in Reggie’s own words “multiple mansion”, and will be an entirley new game. No date given on that, so we’re guessing that’s 2012 at the least.

And that was that for the 3DS. Satisfied? Wii U was obviously the star of the show; did the handheld get sidelined?