Flame on!: Marvel Heroes gets an update

After an initial attempted launch of Marvel Heroes patch 1.11 on Friday that saw the game break and forced the team at Gazillion to issue another patch that reverted the game to a pre-1.11 state, the 1.11 patch is now live and has some goodies for fans of the Marvel Universe and action-MMO-RPG’s.

First, and in my opinion foremost, players will now be able to play as Johnny Storm, aka the Human Torch, a member of the Fantastic Four. He will come with 25 unique powers, and as with every hero in the game, can be built to suit your preferred play style. To coincide with the release of the Human Torch, Gazillion has also released a developer’s diary talking about the character:

Another addition to the game that should make players happy is the introduction of Eternity Splinters, a new in-game currency that replaces hero token drops that can be dropped from any enemy in the game at a drop rate influenced by a player’s Special Item Find Bonus. Eternity Splinters allow players to play their way to unlocking new heroes without having to pay actual money to use the characters you want.

A new zone is also being introduced in patch 1.11 called Midtown Patrol that will let players take on super-villains in a wave-based format while also protecting civilians. The new zone will be available for all player levels.

To check out the full list of changes coming with the new update, you can check out the Marvel Heroes forum here.