Flipping Death gets physical

Just got a little bit of information on a game we reviewed the PC version of recently. Flipping Death has just seen physical copies release both for the Nintendo Switch and PS4 in North America at the modest price of $29.95. This is brilliant for those of you that still like to actually hold your game. I’m all for digital copies of things but there’s something to be said for having a collection that you can actually see and touch, right? If you’re of this mindset and like a good puzzle-platformer this might just be the addition to your library that you’ve been looking for.

My good mate and TVGB writing buddy Ryan Wagoner did a brilliant job reviewing this title so I’m not going to step on his toes by going too deeply into it. To give you a brief overview, you play the character of Penny. After dying under some pretty mysterious circumstances she wakes up to find herself filling in for death himself. This temporary, slightly morbid position has given her a new power so there’s a plus in there somewhere. She is now able to flip between the worlds of the living and the dead. This is going to be absolutely vital if she is to get through her ordeal and unravel the mystery of her own demise.

This puzzle platformer will see you leaping platforms (obviously), flipping worlds and helping the living pass seamlessly into the afterlife. It will also see you possessing the aforementioned souls as you’re going to need their limbs (and brains) to solve the puzzles that await you in this dark, comic adventure. All this gets coupled with a colourful, cartoony world to dive into and certainly sounds like a recipe for quite a bit of fun.

So there you have it. Something new for your bookshelves, or crates, or warehouses … wherever you happen to keep your games. If you want to get your hands on a real life, physical copy of Flipping Death you aren’t doing it sitting here. Off you pop then. Just read that review first.