Former Factor 5 staff ignites TouchFactor

Former employees of Factor 5 (Lair, Star Wars: Rogue Squadron) – which saw its US division close back in 2009 – have announced TouchFactor, a new studio focused on developing social games “on all mass market platforms.” Factor 5 co-founder, president and creative director Julian Eggebrecht is once again behind the wheel in this new undertaking. He is reportedly being joined by at least five other artists and designers, all of whom worked at Factor 5’s US division on games such as Star Wars: Rogue Squadron.

“TouchFactor is committed to building social games that bring people together on all mass market platforms. We make social games that are free to play, accessible to everyone and create memorable long lasting experiences for our fans.”

TouchFactor is yet to announce any projects it may have in development, unlike a newly-formed and future competitor of the studio.